Thursday, December 4, 2008

This is a bit rich...

I was so happy when Obama won the presidential election in November.
I, like millions of people around the world, had lent support for change that we could believe in. I signed up to his email newsletters throughout the campaign which highlighted what was being done and how people could help in getting him elected.

One major way of doing that was by asking people to donate money in allowing Obama to buy essential media time and blitz advertising markets in key swing states. However only American citizens were able to donate money which meant I had to sit by and pray that the right thing was being done.

And It was... Obama raised over half a BILLION dollars, something thought unconvievable. In the middle of an economic crisis, in a country where political participation is not complusary and where empathy in politics is scarce, over half a billion dollars was raised.

Then he won. The outcry of joy and emotion and belief in change swept the globe in a way that had never been seen.

So as I open my mailbox today I was shocked to find an email from the Obama Team that was entitled "Your Obama Holiday Mug".

SamObama for America

This holiday season, celebrate the historic accomplishment of our movement for change. Treat yourself or a loved one to a limited edition Obama coffee mug.

Make a donation of $15 or more right now and get an official Obama mug to mark an amazing year:

When you make your donation, you'll be supporting the Democratic National Committee. The resources they invested in the 50-state organizing strategy made this movement possible -- help us build for future victories together.

Share this amazing moment with your friends and family. Thanks to supporters like you, we all have the opportunity to bring real change to America.


Unbelievable! A donation for what?! Half a BILLION dollars was not enough?! And the election is over and the job was done! What is the money going to be used for?! The next election?! His first term hasn't even BEGUN YET!

"Thanks to supporters like you, we all have the opportunity to bring real change to America" WE DID BRING CHANGE!! CHANGE WAS BROUGHT! And now he is in power he has the entire resources of the Presidency to execute his policies! What does he need more donations for?!

If you pay for this you are not buying a mug, you are the mug.

You can STILL CONTRIBUTE MONEY to the Rudy Gulliani for President campaign... Quite possibly the worst ever run campaign in American history.. A front runner for President who did is utmost best to fuck up becoming leader for the free world by doing things like hosting dinners where he charged 9 dollars and 11 cents for entry. He is STILL asking for money for his campaign.

Hilary Clinton though is at least a little bit more honest on her website... While she is still asking for contributions, its not however to run for president.. instead she is saying:

Working together, we can pay off Hillary's campaign debt now! Your contribution now will make a big difference in cleaning up that last campaign debt.

She is flat out broke and needing you to dig her out of debt. I admire that kind of honesty... except for the fact she still is a multi-millionare who is no way in debt.

John McCain still has ad's on his website that say "Why Vote for McCain?" and "Why you should vote for John McCain"... his site hasn't been updated much. But hey this was from a guy who said he didn't even use a computer. Missed a bullet there Planet Earth...

Gotta love American politics.

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  1. Americans are highlarious, they don't seem to get anything right....except maybe Daria and dexter......actually they can a few things right