Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Pork Chops and Paddle Pops. Explain?

Some words are in order.
This doesn't really work as a welcome blog entry because the more I write the further down the page and into the depths of PC&PP this goes (first entry and I'm already abbreviating the title).

I intend to keep this blog. Blogging is like going to the gym... you have grand ambitions in your head and you say to yourself "YES! I'm going to keep this up! I'm going to do it everyday and its going to be fantastic! There is no way this plan is going to fail!" but alas it fails. If it is anything like my current gym schedule I'll do this hardcore for a month then get bored/busy/lazy and forget about it.

Unless of course you DO go to the gym 7 days a week and stare at yourself in the mirror and watch muscle grow. Then in which case my analogy has failed you, but you probably haven't even noticed because you are working out instead of reading this.

Pork Chops and Paddle Pops is not a really thought through name. It came about when I went and got paddle pops for myself and my housemate. I got back and found him sitting on the couch having a dinner consisting of pork chops. On having received his glorious treat of the gods (A chocolate Paddle Pop: for you non-Australian and New Zealand readers) he exclaimed "Pork Chops and Paddle Pops!"

I thought that
1) It sounded cool.
2) Yum
3) Can you imagine a hybrid of those two things together?!!
4) A good analogy and title for my new blog.

So here it is! Pork Chops and Paddle Pops! A blog that is substantial, meaty, crispy, tender and delicious but also creamy, sweet and full of treats... Oh and on a stick!

Enjoy. Tasty!


  1. Denise Kirby McLeanDecember 4, 2008 at 7:59 PM

    Chicko, so many blogs, so little time, am happy about the high standard of your language, especially that you haven't used cuss words..... and vocab..... Also I wanted to let you know someone is reading your blog and willing to comment.... Luv Denise

  2. haha i was actually thinking that... I can't believe i haven't sworn! What is happening to me?!! normally my writing is full of swearing.. i think its because i swear when i write about things that make me angry. Nothing angry so far! Maybe i'm... growing up... haha
    But now i have your eyes on my blog im going to have to watch myself!
    I know so many blogs.. i feel like im in a sea of words. But at least someone is reading!