Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A Youtube Clip for Everyone

Introducing... Italian Spiderman.

Monday, March 9, 2009

A Blog Post! Amazing!

The concept that religion is the basis for terrorism is for the most part a charade.
Terrorism stems not from a fervor and devotion to a god, but from the true root of evil called poverty. The leaders of terrorist groups mainly carry out and plan attacks based on their own personal power struggles and recruit the destitute, poor and helpless. This is to create a foundation and following that tries to give a sense of credibility and reason to their completely illogical fight.

Terrorist groups that don't have this base or support will never have a leg to stand on and never achieve their goals. And like the catholic church in centuries past and other groups around the world do everyday, religion is the easiest and best way for these assholes to brainwash, indoctrinate and fuel sensationalist hatred based in bigotry and ignorance.

And on a side note... Can we just reach a general consensus in the community and in particular the media and just call these people arseholes? I mean I understand journalist impartiality, integrity, objectivity, yadda yadda... but come on. They are arseholes. Fact.

So with this in mind when these arseholes attacked the Sri Lankan cricket team last week I must admit I was shocked in a different way then what I normally am when I hear news of a terrorist attack. Every terrorist attack is deplorable if it be one victim or a thousand, but the symbolism of the attack on the cricket team is different to any seen in recent years.

In Pakistan, India and the entire subcontinent, Cricket has the sort of following and devotion that a terrorist organisation would dream of. The seriousness of the game to a population of billions means that even the slightest imbalance brought to a test match can cause unprecedented rioting and uproar in the street. It's hard to comprehend this in most countries. I mean we Australian's love our sport but there is just no comparing.

And while in many parts the west is loathed and hated, players have visited from countries like England and Australia, countries which have supported ventures like the War on Terrorism. And they have been safe from any sort of attack regardless of how the media report it. I'm not saying they are totally immune from terrorism but it's not a target that terrorists are interested in.

The reason for this is simple. The players are treated as gods. While the rivalries between teams have reached fever pitch in the past, Crickets such as Shane Warne, Steve Waugh and Ricky Ponting are held in such high esteem. Followed around where ever they go and adored by lovers of the game, whenever they play in a country like Pakistan the whole nation stops and watches. For a lot of the poorest and poverty stricken citizens the distraction of a test match can lift spirits and morale. So for a terrorist organisation to inexplicably attack a touring test nation and therefore render any matches played in Pakistan in the foreseeable future cancelled, is baffling. It means nothing that the nation was Sri Lanka and not Australia, they have made their nation the black sheep of the international cricketing community and isolated themselves from the sporting world.

The attacks are shocking for obvious reasons but the scariest of them all is that coupled with the even more devastating attacks in Mumbai last year, it shows a shift in terrorist tactics in the most time-ticking volatile area in the world. Things are changing and it appears what was safe in the past is no longer. Then again in the world of terrorism, nothing ever is.

I really need to be writing funnier posts. I'll try again soon. And I guess it's good that I'm writing again since I haven't had a post since December.